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Go inside yourself

di Mille Battute


Abbiamo chiesto alle persone come si vive, cosa si pensa, cosa si scrive fissando sempre le stesse 4 mura durante una quarantena. Queste sono le storie che ci hanno raccontato. Ora noi le raccontiamo a voi.


Silvia Dell’Olio


2020. A New Year. A New Beginning… a better one, I hoped.
I personally spent one of the toughest period ever during the last months of 2019.
I felt It was going to change something; it sadly did in a negative way.
Suddenly Covid-19 hit us all, unexpectedly bad.

I am now staying at home for over a month.
As I was already quite “oppressed” by so many happenings I did not feel so destroyed. That could maybe sound weird, but I guess lots of people on Earth feel it and will understand.
I do have mood swings like everyone, but since I am on this forced quarantine I have never really got bored.
I had so many things to sort out in my life emotionally and physically that I didn’t imagine this was actually something good to me.
Reading and learning are my current allies.
We should take the positive side of everything.
It is time to explore our inner self, our forgotten self, our present self.

Last but not least, having that little, but now so well appreciated, time to get out from the house in nature, helps loads.
Taking a breath (with mask on), admiring spring blooming all around us in trees and fields and most of all the clean sky, at last.
These quarantine side effects are so good for the environment that I cannot avoid to be glad at least for that.

I believe introspection and reflection can save us at the moment.
We all now need a change.
Let’s start from our perspective.
We can learn a lot from it like never before.


Silvia Dell’Olio

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